Mohamed’s big secret was revealed to Yve, who is now in shock.

    Mohamed is originally from Egypt. The American Yve is 23 years older than her. Jessica McGowan/Getty, discovery+

    The last two parts of Yankee reality’s 90 days as a bride are special episodes. In English they are called “tell all”. All couples gather in the studio by Shaun Robinson lead the events of the ninth production season.

    However, not everything goes through together. The second part, which will be published on Tuesday, will have a surprising ending, which will be revealed already in this story. It’s related To Yves and to Mohamed, which airs tonight on TLC quite a bit. Mohamed’s wishes regarding Yve’s more covering clothing do come up, but much worse is to come. If you don’t want to know anything about it in advance, skip the rest of the story.

    Bilal, who is married to Shaeeda, opened up after filming about how he is not satisfied with the image others have of him. Jessica McGowan/Getty, discovery+

    Shortly after filming the tell all episodes, Yvelle found out Mohamed’s big secret. He had sent inappropriate messages to another woman. When this came to TLC’s attention, the creators asked for separate video comments from both Yve and Mohamed. That’s what they got.

    In the video clip that we will see on Tuesday, a tearful Mohamed seems remorseful, while Yve describes herself as dismayed and in shock. He also can’t say anything about the couple’s future together.

    How was the situation revealed to Yve in the first place?

    – Yve saw my phone. He saw the text messages and thus found out about it, Mohamed says.

    Miona’s husband Jibri argues with several people in the tell all episodes. discovery+

    TLC has shown screenshots of the same messages. Together, Mohamed writes of In Touch Weekly along with how he plans to keep another woman, who shall remain nameless, between the holes for days. On another occasion, Mohamed says that he marches to the lawyer’s place as soon as he receives the Green card. It is a permanent residence permit in the USA and allows you to work.

    90 days as a bride today on TLC at 18:10 & discovery+. See all TV programs and broadcast times in Telku’s TV guide.