Fifth suspect arrested for kidnapping attempt Van Quickenborne

    Four suspects are already in custody in the investigation. One of them appeared before the council chamber in Kortrijk on Tuesday, the three others will appear before the same council chamber on January 13, according to the federal prosecutor’s office.

    The council chamber in Kortrijk also extended the arrest of two men today. The two have been in prison since late September, after they were arrested in the Netherlands.

    Drug environment

    On Saturday, September 24, it became known that Van Quickenborne’s home in Kortrijk had been placed under increased security by the National Crisis Center due to a possible threat. The exact nature was not communicated, but there would have been plans to kidnap the Minister of Justice.

    A weapon, straps and bottles of petrol were found in an abandoned car. Van Quickenborne and his family were taken to a safe house.


    At the end of September, the minister and his family were able to leave the safe house, but since December 6 they had to go into hiding again. It is not clear whether the new arrest changes anything about that situation.

    The fifth suspect was arrested some time ago. Tomorrow/Wednesday, the Dutch court must consider his surrender to Belgium.