The police have arrested a 21-year-old man from Oss for involvement in the shooting of Mo (23) from Oss. He was arrested in a home on Wednesday and is in custody. Police previously arrested four suspects, two of whom are still in custody.

    The man is in restrictions, which means that he is only allowed to have contact with his lawyer.

    Mo shot dead
    23-year-old Mo was shot dead on his scooter on April 14 on the Leeuwerikhof in Oss, a few tens of meters from his own house. In the weeks after the shooting, houses in the area were shelled up to four times. No one was injured. The police have installed cameras in Merelstraat to make the neighborhood safer.

    Four suspects arrested
    The police immediately launched a major investigation, led by the Public Prosecution Service. A few days after the shooting, two men (23 and 26) from Oss reported to the police station. They were arrested but have since been released. The men remain suspicious.

    Two weeks ago, the police arrested two more suspects. It concerns men aged 22 and 26 from Oss. They’re still stuck. The police also seized several cars in Oss and Enschede that may have been involved in the shooting.

    The police will continue the investigation and say they are still looking for witnesses who were present around the Leeuwerikhof on that Thursday afternoon in April.


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