Fidan Ekiz and her co-host Sven Kockelmann get a big verbal blow from none other than Rijk Hofman, the brother of superstar Tim Hofman. “They turn out to be super hot!”

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    It has caused quite a stir that Fidan Ekiz and Sven Kockelmann recently put some kind of nono received to defend controversial misogynist influencer Andrew Tate. It concerns TikTokker Mees Wijnants, which has a relatively small following of people who all want to get rich easily.

    ‘Fidan superk*t!’

    How would Rijk Hofman, Tim Hofman’s brother, describe him? “He is one of those people who once earned ten thousand euros at the age of nineteen and has since said: ‘This is how you can get rich!’, and then says nothing,” he says on YouTube.

    How does he feel about Fidan and Sven letting someone like that sit at their table? “It turns out to have been one big fiasco. Not only from Mees’ side, but almost everyone at the table – especially the host and hostess – turned out to be super k * t and the editors.”

    “Why the f*ck?”

    Rich understands the criticism. “Actually, most people were angry with the editors of Op1, because why the f * ck would you invite Mees to defend Andrew Tate? That’s like inviting Famke Louise to Op1 to talk about corona! Did they learn nothing from that?”

    It seems to him pure sensationalism from Fidan and Sven. “What was this episode for? Yes, I do not know Op1, I have never seen it, but I think that this editorial makes no sense.”

    Straight from Marbella

    Mees tells in his own vlog that he immediately interrupted his vacation when Op1 called him. “I was supposed to be in Marbella tonight. In fact, I was in Marbella this morning. I quickly booked a flight to the Netherlands, came here, canceled my holiday, because we just have to work and show discipline!”

    He continues on his way to the Op1 studio: “We have to show the Netherlands what Andrew Tate actually is and what he actually stands for. In fact, it stands for everything we stand for as new money.”


    Rich likes it. “That man saw this as his breakthrough, haha.”

    Just before the TV appearance, Mees received the ‘best app of my life’, namely from the political leader of the Forum for Democracy. “Give me hell this evening. Thierry Baudet.”

    Mees: “Thierry Baudet sent me a message in advance saying: ‘Come on, put it on.’ Those kinds of people are all just happy with it and everyone who doesn’t really help me is against it.”

    Fidan is silent

    Fidan and Sven have already had the NRC over them because of their embarrassing Op1 broadcast. “I wonder if Ekiz and Kockelmann would have let a TikTokker freely spout untruths if they had done their research properly”, wrote journalist Sueda Isik.

    Fidan is not served by that criticism. The presenter recently grumbled in HLF8 that she has indeed done research and that the NRC journalist has not heard back from her.