Fake chanel bag: imitations and how to recognize it

THEThe most desired brand in terms of bags? It has always been at the top of the wishlists of stars and ordinary women Chanel. The French fashion house is famous for its It Bagreal timeless classics, everlasting 2.55 to the mythical Boydown to the simplest flap bag. And every year there are so many limited editions and new silhouettes that end up straight on the wish lists of fashionistas. The continued demand, coupled with the high price, has meant that in recent years, Chanel handbags end up populating the burgeoning market secondhand. But how to recognize a fake chanel bag?

Who owns one of these precious accessories keep it with care or resell it, fueling the vintage offer. But there are also those who, having understood the need, aim to provide perfect imitations. Everyone agrees that buying counterfeit parts is a crime, but the question remains: How can you be sure you’re dealing with a real Chanel bag?

How to recognize a bag Chanel false

More than the others, Chanel bags boast fake perfect imitations online. The “tarocche” are often confused with the originals. And alongside the very similar models, the market for fake Chanel bags flourishes, perfect counterfeits of the original: they often use the same materials, and look almost identical. In short, it is almost impossible to recognize them, often, even for experts. Here is a guide to extricate yourself and be sure you are aiming for an authentic model, without being fooled by the so-called fake. How to recognize fake Chanel bags?

Emily Ratajkowski with the black Chanel flap bag shoulder bag (Photo: Gotham/GC Images).

The matelassé: how it should be

The quilted pattern Chanel, which everyone knows by the name of matelassé, features various processes: diamond, chevron, squared. How to recognize a fake chanel bag by the quilting? In any case, it is always perfectly aligned – it can give if it is a very old model, but the stitching of the lozenge always corresponds to the millimeter between the flap and the structure. To be sure you are dealing with an original Chanel bag, the dots for each panel (side of the square) are essential: the brand uses at least 8, to ensure that the skin does not swell. If the number is less, it is most likely a fake.

The perfectly aligned matelassé of an original Chanel (Photo: Lampoo).

Original chains: how to recognize them

Most of the Chanel bags feature metal chains instead of the classic handles. A detail studied by Coco in the creation of the first myth, the 2.55: the inspiration, the keyrings worn by the nuns of the orphanage where her father left her. The quality of the original chains is visible: heavy and solidhave perfectly chained rings and blend with the skin in the models created after the advent of Karl Lagerfeld as creative director (January 1983). If the specific gravity is low and they seem too light, it is 90% a fake Chanel bag.

The digits of the serial number

All designer bags, including Chanel ones, have a serial number that identifies them, from the 1980s onwards. Depending on when it was produced, a bag of the brand will have a serial number of 6, 7, or 8 digits (if the bag has 8 digits, it was produced from late 2005 onwards); since 2000, the code has been equipped with hologram.

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The stickers, placed internally in one of the corners of the bag, often vary in style: a way to protect themselves from fakes studied by the Maison (in fact, it is easy for those who counterfeit to transfer the real sticker onto a fake bag). In addition, the original Chanel bags are equipped with a authenticity card which mimics in all respects a black credit card with a gold border, equipped with a code. However, never limit yourself to just examining it to decide on the purchase: it is really too easy to fake.

The CC logo closure

Added by Karl Lagerfeld in 1984, the famous double C logo closure is the feature that immediately catches the eye in a Chanel bag. To be sure that you are dealing with an original model, it must be examined in detail: the right “C” should always overlap the left “C” at the top and the left “C” should always overlap the right “C” down. They both have flat edgesunless it’s a special limited edition.

The lock must also be perfectly in the center of the body of the bag and with respect to the flap. Another detail to check: the backplate rectangular that secures the closure to the skin, secured by some screws. Warning: if they have a cross head, it could be a fake. Normally, the screws on vintage models are flat headed on the lock plate, while the more modern ones are star-shaped.

The inside of the original Chanel bag

The inner lining of Chanel bags is usually made in fine leather, no creases, bumps or bubbles whatsoever, perfectly fitting. The colors vary, therefore detecting the presence of the famous burgundy for black bags, for example, is not a yardstick to be considered safe and reliable.

The inside of an original 1992 Chanel Diana (Photo: Farfetch).

If the upholstery is made of other materials or seems to come unstuck, great care must be taken. The internal characteristics are reflected in the texture of each dust bag: the protective bag is made of a high quality logo fabric.

The characteristics of the timbre

Inside each original Chanel bag, the brand’s stamp is embossed directly on the lining or on an applied leather patch. The color of the writing must be identical to that of the bag hardware (silver/gold); vintage models may have some minor fading, but it is unlikely that it will completely fade with wear. Easy to spot, if acting Made in Paris it is surely an imitation; usually the authentic Chanel bag has the wording Made in Italy or in Franceas well as the registered trademark symbol.

The zips. And other little revealing details

Chanel authentication passes by hinges, another detail not to be overlooked when purchasing. The brand uses different types of zips depending on the bag: if you are dealing with a Lampo zip, you can sleep peacefully, while YKK is often a sign of counterfeiting.

Trivially, buying a second-hand Chanel bag in a highly specialized trusted shop, having an in-shop guarantee provided, protects against fakes; while online, the most celebrated online retailers, such as Vestiaire Collectiveprovide a Chanel authentication service at an absolutely sustainable price, especially when compared to the initial investment.

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Another, last little useful detail on how to recognize a fake Chanel bag from a real one: can stand on its ownlike all women in the category. Beware of imitations…