Canoe (M): blow after blow

    The men are now challenged over the 1000 meters, but first in the C1. As expected, the Hungarian Balazs Adolf prevails here, the other two final places go to Pavlo Altukhov and Matej Rusnak.


    Canoe (F): We continue after conversion

    After the route had to be rebuilt for the longer distance, the women’s K1 are now on their way. In the semi-finals, Serbian Bedec, Bulgarian Mihalashvili and Italian Burgo prevailed.


    Canoe (F): The next final entry!

    The women’s K4 does the same as its male counterpart! They are also in the final over the 500 meters. Although Paulina Paszek, Lena Röhlings, Caroline Arft and Katharina Diederichs only finished their race in third place, this was just enough for a direct entry into the final.


    Canoe (M): Straight to the final!

    Very good performance from the German K4! In just over 1:20 minutes, the German quartet wins the race ahead of Serbia and Hungary. The three boats are thus directly in the final.


    Canoe (M): The day is open!

    The canoeists kick off competition day nine. The prelims over the 500 meters are coming up in K4. The German boat is also there. Of course, Max Rendschmidt, Tim Liebscher, Jacob Schopf and Max Lemke want to get ahead!


    What else is up?

    In addition to athletics, trend-setting eighth and quarter-finals in beach volleyball are on the program today, and in the evening the women even go to the semi-finals. In addition, this day of competition is again characterized by table tennis, where the knockout phases are slowly picking up speed. The canoeists will also pick up speed, and on their second day, in addition to various heats, they will also win some medals.

    The program in the Olympic Stadium

    What’s going on in athletics today? After a few preliminary fights in the afternoon, eight medal decisions will be made in the evening. Among other things, the finals are over 200 meters and 400 meters hurdles.

    Warm welcome

    Hello and welcome to the ninth day of the European Championships! It starts at 9 a.m. in Munich today.