EU countries agree to extend the Covid certificate until June 2023

The countries of the European Union (EU) reached an agreement this Friday to extend the digital covid certificate for one year, until June 30, 2023, so that travelers can continue to use that document when moving between Member States.

“The COVID Digital Certificate has played an important role in facilitating the free movement of people during the pandemic. And the principle of gradually lifting the travel restriction if the epidemiological situation allows it,” the Council (EU countries) said in a statement.

The permanent ambassadors to the EU formally approved this Friday the negotiating mandate to extend the regulation that establishes that certificate.

On February 3, the European Commission proposed to extend this document for one year and introduced other modifications, such as include high-quality laboratory antigen tests among the types of tests for which a certificate can be issued and also grant vaccination certificates to people who participate in clinical trials.

Among the proposals put forward by the Council is the obligation for Brussels to present a report between now and February 1, 2023 which could be accompanied by legislative proposals to reassess the need to revoke or extend the certificate, depending on how the health situation evolves.

The possibility has also been included for Member States to request a proof of identity and a vaccination or reinstatement certificate to be able to include all doses in a single vaccination certificate, regardless of the place of vaccination.

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It has also requested that a recovery certificate be issued after a antigen test.

In order for the extension of the certificate to be adopted in time, the Council and the European Parliament must reach an agreement before next June 30.