On Friday, Erika Vikman’s day is celebrated in the Only Life program.

    Erika Vikman’s day is celebrated in the Only Life program. Petri Aho

    Singer Erika Vikman talks openly about her relationship with music advisor Danny, who is 50 years her senior, in the Vain läämää program.

    Vikman and Danny’s relationship started in 2016. In the same year, Vikman was crowned tango queen.

    – We had an unusual relationship. In a way, it was based on work and mentoring. I was interested in the stories from Danny’s career, what it was like to be an artist in different decades.

    Vikman says that the relationship deepened into love.

    – There has been a lot to tell. Then it happened that I fell in love with this person. It really surprised me a lot because there is some age difference. In my opinion, all things related to emotions do not need to be explained or rationalized, says Vikman.

    Vikman says that he is still close with Danny, even though the romantic relationship has already ended.

    – Danny built the basic foundation for my starting career with me, which we created together. Danny has followed my career with pride, which is really great.

    The revelation of the relationship was a difficult time for him.

    – I had just become a tango queen, and that’s when my real career began. The papers had noticed me and Danny working together, and they started chasing us. At that point, we had already fallen in love. It’s hard for people to see it because it’s an old legend and a young beautiful woman. There was the idea that what one benefits from the other. It was not thought that the souls of two people met. I was scared of what would happen when it got out.

    A joint holiday trip revealed the relationship to the whole public.

    – We were followed on a trip abroad, and we got really nice pictures of us at the swimming pool. There was a picture on the cover of the gossip magazine, which did not leave any doubts at least. Then everything turned upside down, and I was no longer considered a tango queen and an artist, but I was considered Danny’s girlfriend and friend.

    Confronting prejudices was sometimes difficult for Vikman.

    – If we went to Prisma together, people could laugh.

    The musician Yona says that she has known Vikman for a few years. The friends have discussed together, for example, the relationship between Vikman and Danny.

    – It has always become really clear to me that those feelings are genuine and deep, says Yona.

    In the episode, Vikman also reflects on his identity as an artist.

    – There are many different opinions about me, because I am quite a provocative artist. Although I claim that people’s opinions don’t matter, the truth is that of course they do.

    – People don’t necessarily know that I’m really sensitive. The stage is a refuge, when you don’t have to be afraid and can be free. We should find a clear connection between the civilian self and the stage self. They are partly the opposites of each other, Vikman states.

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    Erika Vikman told Iltalehte about the Vain lääää program.