Energiehuis Oostende is overwhelmed with questions: “local authorities can make a difference”, says Bart Somers

    The energy house in Ostend is already being overwhelmed with energy demands from people in need of income. According to Somers, the Flemish Government must now also take up its responsibility more quickly. “There is now only one conversation at the kitchen table, families are massively seeking advice about energy pruners and solutions,” says Flemish Minister for Society Bart Somers.

    Municipalities solve it

    Premiums, energy scans, insulation advice and how to change energy supplier… The municipalities are doing everything they can to guide their residents through the energy crisis. “I think there is still a very big wave coming. What we as a government are not allowed to do is make false promises,” Somers said.

    The minister received a sample card today of what an energy house can mean. The heat network and doing everything possible to generate energy yourself are also discussed here.