C.‘was to be expected: on the day of the funeral of State of Queen Elizabethwho died at 96, the series The Crown is splashed again among the most viewed of Netflix. It is in fact al third place in Top Ten of the most viewed in Italy. It has always been a very popular and acclaimed series, considered by BBC one of the best of the 21st centurybut in these days when the whole world is mourning the loss of The Queen, the series of Peter Morgan back in a domineering way between “Objects of desire”.

    Queen Elizabeth's funeral: a royal guard passes out during the vigil of the coffin

    As if it were a way to keep alive, or retrace the life, of a woman who has become Queen by chance (it happened because it uncle Edward VIII he abdicated, making King, Elizabeth’s father, George VI, what the film is about The king’s speech). Elizabeth she was still an immature 25-year-old girl and turned out to be one of the most “fair” and long-lived sovereigns in history.

    The Crowna global success

    First aired in 2016, The Crown it turned out to be a global success. Now it has come to fifth season (outgoing on next November, with Imelda Staunton in the role of the queen, after Claire Foy and Olivia Colman). But it is already there to take the lead highly anticipated sixth season scheduled for next year. But we are already talking about what will happen next. The sixth dit had to be the last (the plot will stop in 2002), and had to make way for a series of prequels.

    Instead the producers asked Peter Morganauthor of the series, of rewrite the ending, bringing it to 2005 and at the wedding of Carlo and Camilla. A sort of basis on which to sink the narrative up to the most recent times of the English Crown, including the Royal wedding by William and Harryup to “Megxit”.

    And who knows if the temptation to extend the series further, really coming until the end of Queen Elizabeth’s reign, isn’t already tickling producers’ fantasies. There would certainly be public feedback. A great clue is the involvement with which the whole world has followed the state funeral of Elizabeth: about two million people in Londonit’s a TV ceremony followed globally by four billion viewers. Something that perhaps did not even happen with the proclamation of the new and beloved Pope Francis.

    The Queen saw too The Crownit happened on Sunday night

    And now we discover (or rather we have confirmation, because the doubt has always been there) that The Crown Queen Elizabeth liked it too. “She used to watch the series on Sunday nights”, he said Matt Smithnow star of House of the Dragonthe prequel de Game of thronesin which he interprets Daemon Targaryen.

    Matt Smith starred in The Crowninterpreting the Prince Philip. And now she has revealed that once she met the Prince Harry during a polo match, the British royal called him “not no”: proof that he too watched the series. The actor specified that the only one of the British royal family who did not like the TV series was Philip. “Do not be ridiculous”, in fact Philip answered him when the actor asked him if he was looking at her.

    Why do you like Elisabetta so much?

    With seventy years of reignthat of Queen Elizabeth he is not alone the longest reign the English Crown has ever hadbut it is also the second longest ever in the history of all monarchies (second only to the reign of Sun King, Louis XIV of France). Elizabeth she is one who greeted fourteen prime ministers, by Winston Churchill, to Boris Johnsonup to the last and current, Liz Truss.

    Occasions to “slip”, Elizabeth, he had a lot of them and he dodged almost all of them. Harsh criticized in rare moments (for example for the “coldness”, a lot british and above all very real, in the days of the disappearance of Lady Diana) she was above all a beloved sovereign.

    On why “The Queen” enjoyed it so much now many and authoritative experts are questioning. Tina Brown on New York Times he summarized the various reasons well, focusing on his own hardworking and relentless discretion. How we will miss not knowing what he thought! At a time when everyone has opinions, the Queen has adhered to the discipline of never revealing hers ”. Not even in politics. It was certainly known about her that she loved Balmoral, the Scottish residence where he chose to end his life. It was known that she loved hats and dresses, the most flamboyant possible. She was known to have taken care of her grandchildren William and Harry when they were orphaned of their mother and educated them in the most rigorous respect of the royal protocol, even at the cost of putting aside their feelings. Even at the cost of making them suffer and, who knows, perhaps suffering herself personally.

    Here, what perhaps most of all makes the great Queen Elizabeth is that she perfectly embodied what is expected of a Queen: to always put the interests of the Crown and her people in front of everything and everyone. Without feelings and sentimentality, without preferences or yielding. A lesson for everyone. Even for the political class in general.