Queen consort Camilla remembered her mother-in-law, the Queen, who died on September 8, in an hour-long BBC broadcast on Sunday evening Elizabeth.

    Camilla’s interview was filmed just before the whole of Britain fell silent at eight o’clock on Sunday evening for a moment of silence in memory of the Queen.

    – The queen has been a part of all of our lives forever, Camilla stated, among other things.

    – I am now 75 years old and the queen is about the only person I remember from my entire life, he continued.

    Camilla was 4 years old when Elizabeth came to power in 1952.

    In his memories, the queen remains especially for two things:

    – His crazy blue eyes. When he smiled, eyes lit up his whole face.

    – And that smile! I will always remember her smile!

    Camilla remembers the queen fondly. PDO

    In an interview with the BBC, Camilla also described appreciatively how the queen made her way in the male-dominated leadership world over the decades.

    – When his reign began, there were no female prime ministers or presidents in the world. He created his own path, Camilla stated.

    He knew the queen for a long time and knew that she, among other things, drew a strict line between the private Elizabeth and the public role of queen. During her summer vacation at Balmoral Castle in Scotland, the queen was allowed to be herself most of all.

    – Even though he had to follow up on things and sign papers even on vacation, he still got to do the things he enjoyed the most. And invite the family over, Camilla said.

    In an interview with the BBC, he also talked about the queen’s great sense of humor.

    – On my wedding day in 2005, I was already getting into the car when I noticed that I was wearing a different pair of shoes. One had a higher interest rate than the other. The queen noticed my shoes and burst out laughing. ‘Kappas just, I’m sorry’, the queen got a laugh after saying the holiday, Camilla recalled.

    The relationship between Camilla and the queen has not always been smooth over the decades.

    However, in connection with the 70th anniversary of her reign, the queen expressed the wish that after her death, the king’s wife, or Charles’ spouse Camilla, would be called queen consort.

    This can be considered quite a helping hand from the Queen.

    Source: BBC