Eintracht Frankfurt gets drunk on fan support: “Suck it up”, Eintracht gets drunk on fan support – hr – regional

Glasner praises the fans’ willingness to travel

It is still only possible to guess which fan group will be in the majority in the Sevilla FC stadium. Either way, the number of fans in the city is huge. More than 100,000 Glasgow Rangers supporters, at least 50,000 supporters from Frankfurt. Very few have a ticket, direct flights were booked up almost at the moment of the semi-final success. Even a hotel room was not granted to every fan. Who needs sleep when it’s about winning the Europa League?

“The hardships our fans put up with. That’s extraordinary,” said Eintracht coach Oliver Glasner, summing up the Frankfurt wing’s desire to travel. 27 hours arrival in a camper van, flights via Mallorca, Sicily, Lisbon or any other destination in southern Europe with one, two or three changes. Continue by rental car, train or carpooling. Just be there somehow, if necessary even without visiting the stadium. “The mood, the enthusiasm and the enthusiasm of our fans are an immeasurable factor,” stressed Glasner. “Something is happening to you.”

Team watches fan videos

It will take until Wednesday evening for the players and those responsible for Eintracht, who are isolated in the hotel until kick-off, to see and hear the force of the fans. The emotional state of emergency is at least noticeable now. “We see a lot of videos and soak up the mood from the hotel,” said captain Sebastian Rode. “It helps you win games,” added Glasner.

The famous Symbiosis between fans and team, which can be admired again and again at Eintracht, especially in the Europa League, should also do the trick this time. The white wall in the stands, power football in white jerseys on the grass. The emotions, which are to be additionally fueled by an XXL choreo worth almost 50,000 euros, must unleash all their strength and then make the difference. “I get goosebumps just thinking about being able to experience that,” said Rode. It tingles tremendously.

Rangers coach speaks of “huge opportunity”

A feeling, too who knows the opponent from Scotland only too well. The Rangers, one of the most traditional clubs on this continent, have been waiting for their second European title for exactly 50 years. The longing for the cup is just as great as in Eintracht. “It’s a huge opportunity for us,” said Glasgow coach Giovanni van Bronckhorst, who, like his opponent, relies on the extra push from the fans. “We’re lucky to see how many people have come to support us. The spectators will be a factor.” Now or never.

The approach of both teams is similar, it remains to be seen which fan curve will ultimately tip the scales in one direction or the other. But it is clear that the atmosphere in the stadium will be impressive. “The two teams with the best away fans will meet,” said Glasner. “It’s going to be a great finale, we’re looking forward to it.”

Source: HR