A nineteen-year-old Dutchman suddenly died during a walk on holiday in Italy. This is reported by local media in the Umbria region, in the center of Italy.

    Disclaimer: The archive photo this article is not from the young man.

    No signs of violence were found, police said. For the time being, the researchers assume that the death has a medical cause. The heat may have played a role.

    It AD reports that it concerns a boy from Oss in Brabant. He collapsed during a walk and was found a short time later by a passer-by.

    The young man was on his way back from the village of Castelvecchio after visiting a farm where he had previously spent holidays. He often came to the area with his parents and brother during the summer holidays.

    “It’s like one of us has died,” Mayor Massimo Messi said. “He had friends here and many knew him.”