Cewe leadership dispute enters the next round

    OLDENBURG – The grueling leadership dispute will remain with the photo service provider Cewe (CEWE StiftungCo) in the new year. As the board of directors of the Neumüller Cewe Color Foundation announced on Sunday, two legal opinions have shown that the vote on Rolf Hollander’s membership in the Board of Trustees for a further four years and also on his function as chairman did not reach the majority required by the statutes. The Executive Board had already expressed doubts about the appointment at the end of November.

    HHLA boss: The federal and state governments must keep the Elbe navigable

    HAMBURG – The Hamburg port logistics company HHLA has reminded the federal and state governments of their responsibility for maintaining the Elbe as a shipping route. “Keeping them free of sediment is the necessary prerequisite for us to remain competitive at all,” said HHLA CEO Angela Titzrath in an interview with “Welt am Sonntag”. There are target depths that have to be observed, as well as the maintenance of the fairway.

    ZDF New Year’s Eve show wins ratings with live audience

    BERLIN – Among the television programs on New Year’s Eve, the ZDF show “Welcome 2023” from the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin has taken the top spot. An average of 3.05 million people tuned in, which corresponds to a market share of 14.9 percent. For the first time since the Corona pandemic, at least a small audience was there live on site. Closely behind was “The Big New Year’s Eve Show” in the first with 2.95 million and 14.2 percent; it had been recorded before.

    New ARD chairman warns of concentration of power in the media

    STUTTGART – The new ARD chairman, Kai Gniffke, has spoken out against a merger between ARD and ZDF. The 62-year-old said in an inaugural interview with the German Press Agency: “Independent journalism is currently on the decline, and therefore the step to further restrict our diversity in Germany would be wrong from my point of view.” Gniffke also said: “I am firmly convinced that the journalistic competition in Germany has done us a lot of good so far.”

    Sartorius boss: labor shortage limits growth

    GÖTTINGEN – The head of the laboratory supplier Sartorius (Sartorius vz) suspects that a lack of workers could limit future growth. “I think the limit to growth can actually be expected in many cases on the labor side,” said Joachim Kreuzburg of the German Press Agency. The shortage of skilled workers has now expanded into a labor shortage. That is also a challenge for Sartorius.

    Almost 20 million passengers at BER last year

    BERLIN – In the past twelve months, significantly more passengers have taken off or landed at the capital’s Berlin-Brandenburg airport than in the pandemic year 2021. Around 19.75 million passengers have been counted at BER since January, according to the airport company of the German Press Agency. For comparison: In the previous year there were 9.95 million, in the pre-Corona year 2019 more than 35.6 million passengers.

    Entrepreneur Würth: Group success will depend on IT specialists

    KÜNZELSAU – In order to ensure the long-term success of his company, the entrepreneur Reinhold Würth wants to see more IT specialists at the Würth retail group. “I am pushing very hard for the recruitment of computer scientists and the expansion of computer science,” said Würth of the German Press Agency. He used to say that 80 percent of the importance of his company was the sales force. “But times are changing,” said the entrepreneur. In 15 to 20 years, 80 percent of the company’s success will depend on IT.

    ROUNDUP 2/rules for entry from China: Germany is waiting

    BERLIN – While more and more countries are mandating mandatory tests for people entering China in view of the massive wave of corona infections in China, the federal government is waiting. “The following still applies: We are closely monitoring the situation and are coordinating with our international partners,” said the Federal Ministry of Health on Sunday when asked. Health Minister Karl Lauterbach (SPD) considered tightening the entry rules for Germany “not yet necessary” on Friday, but announced close “variant monitoring” at European airports. Bavaria called on the federal government to coordinate with the states in a timely manner about possible requirements for travelers from China.

    ROUNDUP/import stop: Germany does not use crude oil from Russia

    BERLIN – Germany stopped all crude oil imports from Russia at the beginning of the year. The reason is the Russian war of aggression against Ukraine. An EU embargo against Russian oil arriving by tanker has been in effect since December 5th. Deliveries via the Druzhba pipeline have now also been abandoned. The East German refineries in Schwedt in Brandenburg and Leuna in Saxony-Anhalt therefore have to change their sources of supply. The federal government and the state of Brandenburg still consider the supply to be secure.

    ROUNDUP: Habeck for an earlier phase-out of coal in the east as well

    BERLIN – Economics Minister Robert Habeck has spoken out in favor of an earlier phase-out of coal in the east as well. An early exit to 2030 must be agreed in consensus, said the Green politician of the German Press Agency. “I hereby promise the prime minister and all employees that this will not be decided par Ordre du Mufti, but it must be perceived as a good plan in a broad alliance.” He has good arguments for the plan. According to the current legal situation, the last decommissioning of power plant blocks in Germany is planned for 2038 – at the operator Leag in Lusatia.


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