The police station in the Stadshart will not be moving to another location in the city. This is apparent from a comparative study carried out by the municipality and the police.

    The office on the Burgemeester Wegstapelplein is more than forty years old and in need of renovation. We looked at several places in the city to move to, but now it turns out that their current location is not so crazy after all.

    Stay where you are and don’t move

    The Denmark Avenue was once suggested as a new location for the police station, in combination with new-build homes. Later, the site at Gymworld on Amerikaweg was conceived as an alternative. After the research, it turned out that choosing to stay where they are now is the best option. This is in connection with accessibility, costs and parking options.

    The current building will, however, be adapted in terms of sustainability and current times in terms of techniques.

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