GroenLinks and the Party for the Animals in the Provincial Council want a temporary hunting ban for hares, rabbits and ducks in Drenthe.

    In Friesland, the hunt for hare, rabbit and duck has been temporarily halted because the game count figures on which the fauna management plan is based are incorrect. “Are the figures in Drenthe correct?”, the green parties wonder aloud. “We can’t check that in any case,” say GroenLinks member of Parliament Elke Slagt and Party for the Animals party leader Renate Zuiker.

    They have been asking deputy Henk Jumelet for the Drenthe wild figures for six months now.

    In Friesland there is a ban on hunting hares, pheasants, wild ducks, wood pigeons and rabbits. The province initially gave approval for hunting these animals, but withdrew it after objecting to the adopted Fauna Management Plan (FBP). Such an FBP states which animal species and how many animals per species are allowed to live in a certain area. The Fauna4Life Foundation opposed this.

    A provincial objection committee has therefore re-examined the plans and concluded that the approval should be withdrawn. The reason for this is that the data on counts of the species that may be hunted are not exhaustive. A number of Frisian game management units do not have counting data and because they are missing, legal requirements are not met.

    See here why a temporary hunting ban should be introduced in Drenthe according to GroenLinks and the Party for the Animals: