Rompers, children’s books, toys, children outgrow their stuff at lightning speed. Do Lavoo and Nadine Rodenburg believe it is important to deal with this in a sustainable way. Today they open a second-hand children’s store Luttel & Zuks. The ladies want to inspire, connect and make the world a bit more sustainable in Zaandam as well.

    The initiators are both mothers and have been buying second-hand clothes for their children for years. “I always had to go to Amsterdam for that, but I actually thought for years that Zaandam itself deserves a store like this,” says Nadine. The entrepreneur used to work as a stylist, that’s where the seed was planted. “So many beautiful pieces remained, I really thought that was a shame.” She kept these beautiful pieces and are also sold in her new store.

    This idea had been haunting Do for twenty years. Last October, Nadine called her with the news that she had found a property in which they could possibly start a shop. Nadine didn’t hesitate for a second. Since then everything has moved at an express train.

    This afternoon the children of the entrepreneurs cut the ribbon together and the store is open. From that moment on, anyone who wants to buy or sell second-hand children’s products is welcome, for a reasonable price, says Nadine. “We start at 1.95 and the most expensive piece of clothing is 25 euros.”