Djammen: The sky is the limit for Hannah Mae

One of Hannah’s dreams was a Top 40 hit. That has now been done. She has the song together with the Belgian singer Metejoor, who is extremely popular in Flanders What do you want from me released. “That song is going really well. We are in the Top 40,” she says proudly. “Number one in Belgium.”

Both Hannah and Metejoor work together with producer duo The Companions, also known for Maan, Merol and Jaap Reseema. “I had written a song together with The Companions and Simon Leferink, What do you want from me, the first piece. And we thought all the time: something is missing.” That missing was filled by the voice of Joris van Rossem aka Metejoor. “Then I heard it and then I thought: yes, this is really super cool. This is exactly what it needed.”

“I’ve always thought that you have to dream big,” says Hannah. What do you want from me flew into the Dutch and Belgian Top 40 and is still there. Hannah tries to move steadily through the forest of attention and that goes fine. “I have a dear friend, Rowdy, who also plays with me today. And he always says: ‘Both feet in the peat’. And then I think: yes, that’s how it is.”

The singer explains that she has many sober people around her and that gives peace. “And I’m Drenthe, isn’t it, that also helps.” She has now fulfilled a number of her dreams, but there is still plenty to dream about, “I would find the Top 40 very cool again and I would really like to play in the Ziggo Dome again, one day. And Friends van Amstel, seems very cool to participate in. Just working with all those different artists really seems like the dream to me.”

Time will tell whether all those dreams will come true. The dream that Hannah had four years ago on the sandy path behind her house, to follow in the footsteps of Ilse DeLange, is slowly taking shape. In any case, she will have a nice performance soon before that happens. “April 23 I have my own band show in Hedon, in Zwolle. So not in Drenthe, just not, but I’m really looking forward to it. It’s my first show with a band in a club. We’re already busy preparing, the set list has already been made, all ideas; it will be really great fun.”

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