,,It goes well. I am actually very tired at the moment, but above all I am just very relieved and very happy with the story that has finally been told,” said Van Rijkind, who is one of the few to be mentioned by name in the much-discussed article. She is “extremely grateful” to the responsible journalists. “I’ve hoped for years that someone would pick up this story and now it’s there, so I’m very happy and grateful.”

    Van Rijspec said earlier this week that she would like to talk to Van Nieuwkerk. She suddenly had to leave the field in 2011. The make-up artist had been working for Van Nieuwkerk for nine years at the time, but was told that her hair dryer was responsible for the fact that the hair of the presenter was not good. The real reason was all too well known to Van Rijstaart: Van Nieuwkerk held her jointly responsible for a publication in the weekly magazine Privé about the atmosphere at De Wereld Draait Door, but she had nothing to do with that.