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    Agents at the center of the business, who have at their disposal the best tools to offer their services

    Harness the wealth of technologyalong with the potential of human capital, are the foundations of the mixed model on which the commercial agents of Nationale-Nederlanden base their activity. offer a personalized service to your customers it is possible thanks to data-driven technologyas well as the best digital toolsand to personal care to which their professionals turn. A network based on the continuous attraction of talent, as Ángel Abril, director of the Nationale-Nederlanden Agency Channel, explains in this interview.

    At this moment, what differentiates Nationale-Nederlanden in terms of commercial business model in relation to sector and market?Taking as a reference the progress of innovation and digitization of which we are protagonists, at Nationale-Nederlanden we are committed to a mixed model that can take advantage of all the good that technology can offer, added to the great value provided by the personal treatment that, due to its part, offers the commercial network. It is clear that data and technology are of great help in the collection and processing of information in order to meet the needs of our customers. Now, our agents are the differentiating aspect, since they know how to make the best use of it and, with it, offer a completely personalized service. Honestly, I think we are making a difference with this model because it is fully visible that the trend in the current insurance and financial market is to opt for the closure of physical offices in favor of becoming 100% digital service models. At Nationale-Nederlanden we have innovation in our DNA, but we want to be a benchmark in customer experience within the Spanish protection market and, for this, it is essential to understand the specific needs of each person and population segment; and leave the door open for them to decide how to establish the relationship without limiting their service only in one direction. That is why we are constantly looking for commercial agents with whom we can continue to increase our agency network in our 39 offices, 163 Puntos Naranja delegations and 7 franchises spread throughout Spain.Attracting talent has become a great challenge for all Spanish companies. How is Nationale-Nederlanden different?Following in the footsteps of the previous question, the agents of our commercial network are key to achieving our purpose and fulfilling the commitment assumed with the client. For this reason, the people who collaborate with us have at their disposal tools that help them discover their best version and develop their talent at all times. Perhaps I shouldn’t be the one to say it, but I am convinced that we have the best commercial network in Spain. But we are not satisfied. Starting from this unbeatable base, we want to continue growing in quality and quantity. So, one of the strategic pillars that we manage is the transformation of our commercial network so that it is highly productive with the unshakeable premise of keeping the focus on the customer, as I said before, taking advantage of digital capabilities and human interaction with the purpose to offer you the best experience. Not only one path leads to Rome, but if you ask me how we are going to do it, I could highlight the continuous and quality training with which we give the opportunity to grow professionally within the insurance sector, regardless of previous experience. .What is Nationale-Nederlanden’s vision regarding the agent’s experience in the first stage of selection?With the premises that we have mentioned, I can say that, contrary to the trend of the sector, Nationale-Nederlanden offers the possibility of accessing a future profession totally adaptable to the new times. In such a changing environment, not everyone wants to take the risk of starting a business. Our model offers you the stability of being part of a leading company in the sector with one of the best commercial networks in Spain, without giving up time and organizational flexibility. In addition, since Nationale-Nederlanden puts people at the center at all times, agents have access to all the resources that facilitate and drive their business from the moment they join, helping them design their own career path. taking our Talent Plan as a reference.

    Talent Plan to attract talent to Nationale-Nederlanden

    What is the objective of the Talent Plan? Precisely in line with what I mentioned earlier, the objective of the Talent Plan is to help each person grow to where they want to go, to become the professional they want to be. We provide you with the path and its different stages and it is the agent’s decision which of them to complete. This goal of helping agents grow reinforces one of the most valued aspects of Nationale-Nederlanden, which is that the most important thing is people, and that, in order to grow, its commercial agents can count on the support, not only of their team, but also from a company that is very clear that it is the person who makes the professional.What are your differentiating elements compared to the Career Plan of another company?We are very proud to say that our Talent Plan is one of the best career plans in the sector, which provides agents with the necessary tools to enrich their knowledge and specialize from day one, with initial training with official DGSFP accreditation. (General Directorate of Insurance and Pension Funds). In addition, Nationale-Nederlanden accompanies its agents on the path of enhancing their skills and developing their personal brand project, providing them with continuous training initiatives, both face-to-face and online, and endorsed with Credits European university students from the Polytechnic University of Valencia. Knowledge and professional preparation grant excellence and make a difference in the value proposition that we show to our clients, so we make every effort to facilitate access to quality training as much as possible. An example of this is that just two months ago, Nationale-Nederlanden received, from the Insurance e-Learning Institute, the special ‘Aula Magna’ Jury Award for Excellence in Insurance Training thanks to our training action ‘Journey to be even more leaders from you to you’.What tools or methods do you use to measure the experience and encourage retention? Our goal is for agents to feel motivated and, for this, it is essential to accompany them at all times since they start collaborating with us. Listening is a key element of the agent welcome process. Two months after their incorporation, we carry out a follow-up that allows us to collect, know and learn from their experience, to improve it in everything that we can. Another fundamental aspect for retaining agents is that they feel proud to collaborate with us, and for this, nothing better than setting them achievable commercial objectives, giving them the necessary tools to meet them through lead campaigns, coaching and the training that need, and reward their effort, development and the achievement of those objectives through an incentive program that offers agents to win prizes and attend the annual trip. In this line, throughout the year, we design campaigns both internal and for customers, who help them achieve their production goals and motivate them to continue specializing and learning about the products offered by the Company.