25 toone year ago, on August 31, 1997, Diana Spencer, Princess of Wales, died at the age of 36 in the Alma tunnel in Paris in a car accident. A disappearance that shook the world and transformed the woman into a myth. However, the mysteries about his tragic death have been chasing each other for years and now Crime + Investigation (Sky channel 119) proposes Diana – The last truthbroadcast tonight at 10pm.

    Diana – The last truththe investigations of Mark Williams-Thomas

    In the documentary, the former police inspector and investigative journalist Mark Williams-Thomas investigates Lady D’s death, analyzing, minute by minute, the evening of the crash. Dozens of witnesses involved in the search for truthwho are entrusted with the task of telling the world the moments just following the fatal impact.

    Every testimony, every memory, every fragment of that evening can prove useful to clarify on what really happened on August 31, 1997. “25 years have passed since that tragic night and for me, as for many people, they are still there many unresolved questions about the life and death of Princess Diana»Announces the journalist at the beginning of the documentary.

    Since the day after the disappearance, many have shouted at the plot. The dismay combined with the dynamics of the accident meant that public opinion was not satisfied with a medical report. An incomprehensible and unacceptable tragedy, exactly as happens with actors, singers, stars who died prematurely. Myths believed to be immortal.

    Lady Diana, the fear of dying young

    Diana is exactly that: embodied the myth. She was not only the consort – and later ex – of the heir to the UK throne. He was a real icon. From the look to the proxemics, from the official meetings to the humanitarian ones, he conquered everyone. The medium friend Simone Simmons he remembers her like this: «A unique and extraordinary friend. She was empathetic. He had the ability to conquer the world and shed light on the darkest corners where the most needy lived ”.

    Nobody remained indifferent to its charm. There are several crucial moments in his public life that have entered the collective memory. From dancing with John Travolta toBBC interview in which he threw serious accusations on the Prince Charlesfrom the raids with sons William and Henry to the battle against anti-personnel mines.

    The public commitment, however, was counterbalanced an unhappy, tormented private individualenough to be nicknamed the sad princess. An epithet that gave the measure of the melancholy in which she had sunk. Melancholy that, in the last years of lifeit mixed with fear of dying in a plane, helicopter or car crash.

    A scene from “Diana – The Last Truth”. (Courtesy press office)

    The Princess of Wales victim of a conspiracy?

    To tell it is precisely Diana – The last truth, through direct testimonies of those who worked closely with the princess. It was simply paranoia or Was Lady D killed by a larger plan than an ordinary crash in the Alma tunnel? Was it bad luck or is there something more?

    Mark Wiliams-Thomas tries to reconstruct the hours before death, asking for information from those who met her. To their words she accompanies those of those who knew her and lived in her private life. The result is an intense and multifaceted human portraitwhich makes Diana, once again, immortal.

    Lady D’s fear of dying young in a bloody way is then corroborated by some testimonies, including that ofsecurity expert Grahame Harding. In 1994 he summoned him to Kensington Palace since he was afraid that someone would listen to his phone calls. The suspicions turned out to be well founded and Harding noted some interference. Who wanted to see Diana dead? «The establishment? The Royal Family? ”Williams-Thomas asks.

    Diana in 1997 in Chicago. (Getty Images)

    The accident in the Alma tunnel in Paris

    To answer this question, we move on to Paris and retraces the stages of August 31, 1997. Dinner at the Ritz with Dodi Al-Fayedleaving a back door around midnight e the escape towards the Pont de l’Alma. A high-speed escape, for which the driver Henri Paul – who also died in the accident – was later accused by investigators of “serious and negligent driving “. Thesis, obviously, not confirmed by witnesses, who define him, instead, a responsible professional.

    In addition to the shadows on the driver, Diana – The last truth focuses on injuries sustained by the princess. According to cardiac surgeon Tom Treasure, who intervened that night, Lady D was pulled out of the car unconscious, suffering from internal bleeding. Unfortunately, several minutes passed before the clinical picture was clear.

    Mark Williams-Thomas asks: “If that lesion had been spotted earlier would she have survived?”. The heart surgeon’s response leaves no doubt: “Yes, with great probability”. A strong statement, which risks provoking yet another jolt after 25 years. However, it is not possible to rewind the tape of time and all that remains is to accept what it was: a tragedy that prematurely took away one of the most beloved women of all time.