Defeat statement from Yılmaz Vural! Can’t explain the 5-1 score

Yılmaz Vural, coach of Yeni Malatyaspor, said that they are playing against a difficult opponent.

Vural stated that the opponent started well and said, “It is not possible to explain the score of 5-1. In the first period, the opponent has 4 positions, 2 of them are goals. We have 3 positions. In the second half, we have 2 positions, the opponent has 5 positions. One for defeat. I don’t want to find excuses.” he said.

Underlining that they tried not to leave the match until the last minute, Vural said, “Our children worked until the end. The team does not have 7 most important players. We have suspended and injured players. Yakup came yesterday and left by terminating his contract unilaterally. He used his own choice. The club’s conditions are clear, but He disrespected his team.” used the phrases.

Emphasizing that everything has changed in the league, Vural said, “Denizli beat Bandırma away. It is an interesting league. We cannot say ‘Very good above, bad below.’ . No one will leave this city.” he said.

Vural thanked the referee of the match and added that he had the opportunity to work with foreign referees, but there was a very good referee generation.