Crypto News: SEC demands record sum from Treasury to protect financial sector

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On March 29, Gary Gensler, chairman of the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), addressed the Subcommittee on Financial Services and General Government Affairs. He requested a total of $2.436 billion from the state budget for fiscal 2024 to meet the SEC’s mandate to adequately protect investors and position the agency for the future.

Gensler emphasized that the SEC has grown steadily over the past seven years and now has 30 departments and offices in 11 regional locations in addition to its headquarters in Washington. In addition, the authority is responsible for monitoring rating agencies.

Fight against scapegoats in the cryptocurrency sector

Consistent with President Biden’s request for a record over $2.4 billion for the SEC, Gensler emphasized the need to continuously address wrongdoing in the cryptocurrency sector. He highlighted that additional resources, knowledge and tools are needed to keep up with the rapid pace of technological innovation in financial markets.

The budget provided would allow the SEC to hire 170 additional staff, much of whom would work in enforcement and auditing. This increase in staff would help to increase the regulatory effectiveness of the authority and to achieve the goal of better protecting investors and stabilizing the financial markets. Gary Gensler underscored the central importance of the SEC as a trusted partner for the 330 million Americans who have spent the past 90 years investing in their 401(k)s and IRAs, participating in the capital markets, financing their businesses and driving innovation.

Before the subcommittee, Gensler compared the crypto market to the Wild West and called digital assets speculative. The SEC has ramped up its crackdown on cryptocurrency companies in recent months, sending multiple well notices to leading crypto firms like Coinbase and Paxos.

The SEC team believes that not only does the BUSD stablecoin qualify as a security, but most crypto assets also fall under SEC jurisdiction. During the 2022 financial year, the supervisory authority received over 35,000 individual reports, complaints and tips from whistleblowers and various other sources of information. This enabled over 750 enforcement actions to be initiated, resulting in a total of $6.4 billion in penalties and recoveries.

Of those cases, 30 involved the cryptocurrency sector, resulting in $242 million in fines. This represents a 36% increase from 22 cases in 2021. The numbers highlight the growing importance of regulation in the cryptocurrency space and underscore the need to provide the SEC with adequate funding and resources.

Increasing efficiency, modernizing rules and adapting to technological innovations

To increase the efficiency of the SEC and ensure financial stability, Gensler wants to modernize the rules for the $100 trillion market as mandated by Congress. To achieve this goal, the SEC plans to use the majority of the proposed budget to enforce regulations, improve its tools, and acquire new resources. This is intended to increase their capacities in view of the rapid technological innovation across the industry, including the cryptocurrency sector.

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Despite the benefits of modernizing markets and integrating technology, Gensler emphasizes that these developments also bring challenges. These could increase the risk of wrongdoing, which is why he advocates strengthening the SEC to effectively counter bad actors.

The regulator is taking a proactive approach to address the growing challenges in the rapidly changing financial landscape. This includes promoting transparency, accountability and fairness in the markets to increase investor confidence and support sustainable economic development.

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