News item | 26-09-2022 | 15:53

    On September 28, Sociale Banken Nederland (SBN) will open the new counter for debts already paid for parents affected by the problems with the childcare allowance. This is where parents who have paid off debts with the compensation they received can go. This concerns, for example, payment arrears and other costs associated with the debts, such as interest costs paid on the arrears.

    The first group of parents who can apply at the new counter are the parents who received compensation of € 30,000 before 1 March 2021. The counter will open for the rest of the parents at the end of November.

    State Secretary Aukje de Vries: “It is understandable that some parents have used this amount for payment arrears. But there is a separate arrangement for the debts. The 30,000 euros was really for the parents themselves, as the first step in the compensation. Parents who have used the 30,000 euros for payment arrears, among other things, can contact the new counter.”

    The first parents can submit an application to SBN from 28 September. SBN will assess whether victims can get back the amount that they have paid off with compensation. The condition is that these debts would have been taken over in the debt approach if the parent had not paid them himself.

    Public and private debt

    Parents can submit an application to SBN about the private debts they have paid with the compensation amount. Parents who have paid public debts with compensation before January 1, 2021, can also get these back via this counter. For parents who have made a payment to a public creditor after that date, the public creditor will reverse these debts itself.