Convincing victory by HZVV, Noordscheschut loses in the last minute

FOOTBALL – In the Hoofdklasse B on Saturday, HZVV recorded a simple victory over AVV Swift from Amsterdam. The Hoogeveners won 3-0 on their own field, thanks to goals from Sander Dzemidzic and Alex Zomer. After the win, HZVV remains in 7th place in the Hoofdklasse B.

Sander Dzemidzic didn’t need much time to put his team ahead. After just three minutes, the HZVV striker coolly finished an attack on the right flank. Even before half time it was again Dzemidzic who scored his second goal of the day after an individual action.

After the break, Swift increased the pressure on HZVV’s defense. The team from Amsterdam only handled the chances they got carelessly. In the 72nd minute Alex Zomer decided the game from a corner. The ball got stuck in the box and the captain of HZVV was the fastest. He decided the final score at 3-0.

The penny is not looking too good for Noordscheschut for the time being. The team of trainer Marc van Meel played against AZSV in Aalten today. The Achterhoekers had the initiative in the first half and made the 1-0 via Niek te Veluwe. After the break, Noordscheschut was able to offer more resistance and this resulted in the equalizer for Nick Koster.

Not for the first time this season, Noordscheschut received a goal in the final phase, as a result of which the last player of the Hoofdklasse B returned home empty-handed. Thijmen te Kolste initially missed two big chances, but at the third chance he shot 2-1 against the ropes.

Noordscheschut’s competitors did take points today, which means that relegation is getting very close.

Next week they will face the number 12 of the Dutch big league, SDC Putten. HZVV will compete against Flevo Boys, which is one place lower in the ranking.