Coen Swijnenberg, the demoted disc jockey of Radio 538, is criticized for a statement he made about the supporters of the Moroccan football team. “Why so negative?”

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    There is some controversy about supporters of the Moroccan national team who cause unrest in the major cities in the Randstad after every match won. Morocco defeated Spain yesterday in the eighth finals of the World Cup in controversial Qatar. Subsequently, the ME had to take to the streets to keep supporters in check.

    Coen critical

    Radio 538 star Coen Swijnenberg thinks it is scandalous. “Amazing victory by Morocco. Beautiful all those emotions too. Honk, celebrate and show your happiness, I enjoy it. But kicking rubbish, throwing fireworks at the police, etc. is terrible, isn’t it? Supporters of any club or any country. Very sad.”

    He faces criticism from Mr. Hamza Oulad Ali. He thinks that Coen expresses himself very negatively about Moroccans. “The negative must be mentioned when it comes to Moroccans. It is impossible to say something positive about Moroccans without something negative.”

    Judging behavior

    Hamza finds it strange that Coen now speaks out, but not when other groups misbehave. “If Ajax or Feyenoord win and hooligans riot, people don’t react with the same energy and that is remarkable.”

    Coen thinks the criticism is not justified. “I can only judge myself and I have never commented on Moroccans before. About football violence and riots. Don’t you agree that we should condemn tonight’s bad behavior?”

    Frits also under fire

    Frits Wester has also spoken out critically about the Moroccan supporters. “I live about 4 kilometers from the Schilderswijk. In my garden you can hear the heavy fireworks, sirens and helicopters. Why why. You won, congratulations. But leave the city and the people who live there alone. Celebrate nicely without all that misery 😞😡.”

    That statement has also drawn criticism. For example, Ahmed el Kaddouri says: “Let those people enjoy themselves. In three weeks it will be New Year’s Eve and then there will be fireworks everywhere. So are you going to complain? Think of it as a preview of the real thing.”


    Monique Smit, Jan Smit’s conservative sister, is angry that NOS speaks of a ‘World Cup party of Moroccan fans’. “So this is what you call a party? Incredibly beautiful head again. Why don’t they just make it a real party? Cheers to victory, dance, sing and laugh! Would the supporters in Qatar also dare to do this? 👮🏽‍♀️”

    And Antoinette Scheulderman, de bestie from Linda de Mol: “So sad… Unfortunately, my dog ​​got a taste of New Year’s Eve yesterday, after winning Morocco: sooo scared 💔”