In all those years Liewes has had many Shetland ponies. “I also bred with them, so you get more and more. I couldn’t keep everything, so I also had to sell ponies. They run all over the country and even abroad.”

    It is for Liewes hobby. “You have to enjoy going to an inspection, then it’s nice work.” And he still enjoys it, because today his ponies are again inspected. “Of course you get older. I did have a period when I went here with thirty or forty shetlanders, but that time has passed. I now have eight or nine here.”

    And anyone who thinks that Liewes’ ponies are no longer allowed to go outside for days before the inspection and that they are extensively washed is wrong. “I only washed the tail and the mane. Nothing else. I also just let them walk in the land. They are nature animals.”

    The association’s anniversary is celebrated extensively at the end of August. Even though the number of members is declining, Boer is not concerned about the continued existence of the association. “If it really gets less, we might be able to merge with Breeding Association Drenthe Zuid.”

    The Liewes trophy cabinet is now well filled. He became Dutch champion. “Last year I also became champion here, even honorary champion.” But how he will do today, he dares not say. “Of course you sometimes differ with the jury. That’s why I prefer not to make a prediction.”