Claudia de Breij has suddenly canceled her performance in Eva Jinek’s talk show. That’s why there were so few topics in Jinek’s season opener yesterday. “She’s fed up with the criticism.”

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    The new season has started very bare for Eva Jinek. There were only two topics in her talk show yesterday: a preview of the new year and people who become millionaires in the lottery. A bit scanty for an hour and a half of television. Why? Claudia de Breij canceled her performance at the last minute.

    Claudia cancels

    Private boss Evert Santegoeds reveals in Show news that Claudia would actually be the main guest. “Claudia was supposed to be a guest at Jinek tonight. We know this because we already contacted Claudia last week to talk to her after that New Year’s Eve conference,” he says in last night’s broadcast.

    Shownieuws’ request was not granted by Claudia’s management. “’No’, the management said at the time. ‘She will be with Jinek on January 2, where she will tell her story and nothing else, because then she will go on vacation.’ That will be tomorrow (today, January 3, ed.).”

    Blue check marks

    In the end, Claudia did not go to Jinek. “To our surprise, she was not with Jinek at all and not anywhere else. She doesn’t respond at all. We texted her, we texted management.”

    What do they have to say? Nothing. “All check marks turn blue, Claudia does not want to say anything about it, management does not respond. It seems a bit like that the New Year’s Eve conference is a downer for herself. We know how sensitive she is to criticism.”

    Not tender

    Claudia who can’t take the criticism? The cabaret artist knew very well what she was getting into with that conference, right? “You also make yourself very vulnerable when you entertain 1.5 million people on New Year’s Eve on the most beautiful evening of the year, according to many, and the reactions were not tender.”

    The criticism is justified, says Evert. “I actually found it a bit disappointing, too. It started very late and what came next was not enough to straighten out the whole broadcast.”