Clarified the future: Knauff will be so expensive for Eintracht Frankfurt

The one and a half year loan deal between Borussia Dortmund and Eintracht Frankfurt with Ansgar Knauff is almost over, but the all-rounder will not return to BVB. That has been indicated for a long time. Instead, Knauff’s future lies with SGE. Now, details of the upcoming fixed transfer have been leaked.

According to information from “Sport1”, Eintracht Frankfurt and Borussia Dortmund have apparently agreed on a transfer from Ansgar Knauff. The 21-year-old has been on loan with Hessen since the beginning of 2022 and should now be committed. His contract with BVB runs until 2024, but according to media reports he will not fulfill it.

Instead, it continues with last summer’s Europa League winner. Dortmund and Frankfurt are said to have agreed on this in the meantime.

“Sport1” also has more details on the exact arrangements of the deal: According to this, the SBU managers transfer a basic fee of around four to five million euros to the BVB account. According to “Bild” it is exactly 5.5 million euros.

There are also possible bonus payments for the U21 national player from the Dortmund youth team.

The report by the TV broadcaster does not say exactly how these are staggered or what they are linked to. In Frankfurt, Knauff should now sign a long-term contract.

Ansgar Knauff the all-rounder from Eintracht Frankfurt

Despite a few (short) appearances and at least one goal and one assist, Knauff did not make the final breakthrough at Borussia, which is why he joined the SGE at the beginning of last year and promptly became the European Cup winner.

In Frankfurt, Knauff has been on the field in 52 games across all competitions. The 21-year-old, who played in a wide variety of positions, scored four goals and provided five assists. The all-rounder played as a right winger, as well as in right midfield or in defence.

Knauff has also worked on the left side in various sections of the field. SGE fans can look forward to these skills in the years to come.