Chris O’Neill took off his wedding ring – Swedish newspaper: Is this the reason?

Princess Madeleine is still actively wearing her ring, but Chris is not.

Chris O’Neill (right) posed alongside Madeleine without a wedding ring at Victoria’s birthday party in 2021. Shutterstock

Sweden’s Princess Madeleine married her husband Chris O’Neill almost ten years ago, on June 8, 2013, in Stockholm’s Royal Palace Church.

As a sign of marriage, wedding rings were inserted into the left ring finger of both. Chris got a classic, elegant golden ring on his finger, which was immortalized in numerous pictures on the wedding day.

But since then, the wedding ring has been missing from Chris’s finger very often. Swedish Svensk Damtidning -lehti wonders what it might be about in the article it published on Friday.

According to the magazine, Chris was seen in public without his wedding ring for the first time just three weeks after the royal wedding, when he appeared alongside Madeleine at a dinner event for the Min stora dag charity.

The next time the absence of the ring was more widely noted was in June 2019, when Madeleine and Chris participated in a party organized in connection with the state visit of the South Korean presidential couple at Stockholm Castle.

In 2019, the media paid attention to the ringless Chris. Swedish Press Agency

Since 2019, Chris has been seen several times in public without his wedding ring, which has raised questions. Chris has been photographed with a naked anonymous, among other things, the crown princess Victoria on birthdays in July 2021, prince Julian’s at the baptism party in August 2021.

Svensk Damtidning emphasizes in his story that Chris appearing without a wedding ring does not mean that his union with Madeleine is in crisis, but the reason for the absence of the ring is most likely someone else. The magazine speculates whether, like Crown Princess Victoria, Chris suffers from a nickel allergy caused by skin contact with the metal.

Like Chris, Victoria has also been seen in public a few times without the ring, and the crown princess has said that it was due to an allergy caused by the ring.

At Prince Julian’s christening, Chris O’Neill was also without a ring. Shutterstock