Chiara Ferragni, the headband with 90s-style teeth

D.fter having brought the clip-on fleece back into the trend for summer 2021 directly from the 80s, Chiara Ferragni this year it has recovered another hair accessory from the past: the circle with teeth. Typical of the 90s. The super influencer for her latest beauty look in Saint-Tropez he also chose a “Siren Eye” eye makeup, trend with over 671 million views on TikTok and created by its make-up artist Manuele Mameli.

Chiara Ferragni, the beauty look with the 90s headband

Chiara Ferragni’s hairstyle in Saint-Tropez is a homage to the 90swith back hair, wet effect and the famous “circle with teeth”.

Chiara Ferragni’s latest hairlook in Sain-Tropez with a 90s headband (Credits: Instagram @mannuelemameli)

In black plastic, the headband – characterized precisely by small teeth – allows to regulate the hair, bringing it backwards and dividing the hairline into many micro sections. Ideal in these sultry days, this style accessory allows you to leave your hair loose but without free frontal tufts.

Beloved straddling the late 90s and early 2000s, this headband was very popular with all the teenagers and celebrities of that period: at Pink! to Christina Aguilera.

“Siren Eye” the eye makeup for summer 2022 loved by Gen Z

If for the hair, Chiara Ferragni has chosen a revival style, the same thing cannot be said for the eye makeup which is among the most current of the moment.

With over 671 million views, this is the latest viral make-up hack on TikTok calling for free femme fatale and to conquer with the look.

The “Siren Eye” – as the trend is called – is there version 2.0 of the famous cat-eye makeup and fox-eye makeupobtained by mixing eye shadows and eyeliner in order to create an elongated and sensual eye make-up.

To achieve a perfect mermaid makeupwhat you need is to first apply a gray or light brown eyeshadow on the eyelid, create a small one line of eyeliner from the inside of the eye to the outside and blend one black pencil in the inner rhyme. Et voilà, the trend has served.