Champions, Roma also loses at the Camp Nou (5-1) and is eliminated by Barcelona

The Giallorossi, already defeated 1-0 in the first leg, fall in the second leg of the quarter-finals and thus end their first experience in this tournament. However, they remain in the running for the Scudetto and the Italian Cup

A one way challenge. The feat for women’s Roma failed, ending its first experience in the Women’s Champions League in the quarter-finals after the 5-1 win against Barcelona. Compared to the match played last week at the Olimpico – won 1-0 by the Catalans – the Camp Nou match turned into a nightmare for the Giallorossi, who arrived in Spain with the dream of trying to score. From the first minutes of the game, however, the supremacy of the Catalans appeared clear, with Spugna’s team stunned by Barça’s speed and ball lap.


Roma’s approach to the match would also be the right one, if it weren’t for the concreteness of the Barcelona players, who immediately appeared to be much more attentive than in the first leg match. And in addition, the blaugrana have definitely adjusted their aim. This time the Roman fort collapsed after 11′, when Rolfo beat Ceasar with a right-footed volley following a clearance by the defence. It is the beginning of the goleada. Roma accuses the blow suffered and Barça, pushed by their supporters, closes the case in the first half. Despite a couple of good restarts, Spugna’s team never manages to create a real danger at the goal of the Spaniards who, with the sound of tiki taka, keep half of the yellow and red pitch firmly under siege. The double came in the 33rd minute thanks to a feat by Leòn who beat Ceasar from outside the box with a very violent left foot. In addition to sanctioning Barça’s landing in the semifinals, the 2-0 goal weighs heavily on the head of Bartoli and his teammates who in added time give away the third goal to the opponents. Hansen, completely free to enter the area from the right lane, serves Rolfo a perfect assist (with Wenninger and Bartoli who are watching). The first half ended 3-0, with 9 shots from the hosts and no shots from Roma.


After losing Losada to a quadriceps problem, the second half for the Giallorossi starts along the lines of the first half. Barcelona took a minute to drop poker: Greggi – who had just replaced Losada – lost Bonmatì on the wing, the Spaniard put in the middle and Oshola scored his twenty-fifth goal of the season with Wenninger and Bartoli watching. The defeat took place in the 54th minute when Patri, completely free in the area, headed in the 5-0 goal following developments from a corner. Barça’s “manita” partially shakes Roma who, for the first time since the start of the second half, appear in the Blaugrana half. The Roma players’ efforts paid off in the 58th minute, with Serturini who, after receiving the ball from Andressa on the frontline, entered the area and beat Panos from the right corner with a diagonal low shot. Serturini’s second European goal, however, remains the only ring in the match for Spugna’s girls. In fact, Barcelona takes the blow and starts managing the match again, with Ceasar forced to make two decisive interventions in the final (on Bruna and Geyse) to avoid the sixth Blaugrana goal. The Camp Nou evening ended with Barcelona celebrating the next round in front of the 55,000 fans present at the stadium. Roma remain aware that they have done their best in a competition that sees the powers of continental women’s football involved, in a season that can still give the Giallorossi team the Scudetto and Coppa Italia.