Carolina Marconi, after the CT scan the tumor nightmare returns

«Ua cold shower.” Carolina Marconi thus defines the outcome of the last check she underwent. Two years ago the showgirl of Venezuelan origin, former competitor of Big Brotherbegan her battle with breast cancer. A fight faced with a smile, despite the pain of the surgery and the fear of chemotherapy, and always shared on social media. A few days ago she showed herself to her followers in the hospital for a check-up. «In the CT scan there is something in the liver» he explains to his followers.

Breast cancer, new technologies for prevention

Carolina Marconi and breast cancer

After the discovery of a breast lump, the former gieffina underwent surgery on April 6, 2021. She began her battle against the tumor which is later told in the book Always smiling. «I remember that moment perfectly… I was terrified of having to do this surgery. Before closing my eyes I took my phone and wrote an I love you to all the people dear to me» he said on social media a year later.

And he learned some lessons from that battle: «I have learned to appreciate every single thing. It’s always the right time to do what’s worth fighting for.” The showgirl, however, has never hidden her fears and anxiety about the disease. Which she, after the new control of her, she returns to share with her followers.

There’s something in his liver

From the latest tests, therefore, something emerged in the liver. It is not yet clear what this is about. «I’ll have to do another MRI with the contrast” explains, “It was a cold shower, I was scared».

When she received the call from the oncologist who informed her of the results of the tests carried out, «My legs were shaking, I felt my heart speed up again and in that moment everything I was doing suddenly no longer made sense. I had a real blackout” explains. Not hiding the anxiety and anguish felt while waiting to carry out the new exam.

My fears must not be stronger

Now, however, while waiting for the new exam, Carolina Marconi has decided to hold on to the strength and courage that have always accompanied her in her fight against cancer. «We need to put our soul at peace, wait, think positively and don’t break your head before you break it. She is tough, very tough » she writes on Instagram. Nevertheless “However, my fears must not be stronger than my unconscious». “There’s no point in staying there in bed and crying” she underlines, hugging virtually all those who experience similar situations: “Let’s shake hands and be strong.”