Carlos Salim Balaa Boglichartistically known as “Carlitos Bala“, Argentine comedian, actor, musician and presenter, died at the age of 97, after being hospitalized after a decompensation in the Guemes Sanatorium where they studied him.

    With more than half a century of artistic career, mostly dedicated to conquering children’s audiences, Carlitos Bala was born on August 13, 1925. His father was from lebanese origin and his mother of Croatian origin. Seduced from a young age by acting, he made jokes on the buses on line 39 of Chacaritawhere he worked to overcome his shyness.

    In its beginnings, it participated in a contest that it won, under the name of Carlos Valdez. His father was listening to the radio when he came out the winner but he did not recognize him because Carlitos had changed his last name for fear of being challenged. But after the embrace of his father, Carlos Balá decided to change definitively.

    After participating in different theater groups, he began his “solo” career with participation in “La Telekermese Musical” on Channel 7: he was also offered to be Joe Bazooka and participated in “The Antonio Prieto Show” and in “The Paulette Christian Show”. In 1962 he participates in “Telecómicas”, on Channel 9, and in “Calle Corrientes”, on Channel 7 as well as in “El show super 9”, with Mirtha Legrand.

    Carlitos Bala

    In 1963 he debuted in the play “Canuto Canete”, and his success gets him his own cycle: “Balamycin”. At the end of that year he films the movie “Canuto Cañete”. In 1964 he is hired by Channel 13 to star in “Bala the soldierand began a long television career during the 1960s and 1970s with the programs

    Bala’s fringe”, “Carlitos Balá’s circus show”, “Carlitos Balá’s magic circus” and “Carlitos Balá’s show”, would be some of his shows. until in 1979 he was hired to star in “El show de Carlitos Balá”, working at ATC. In 1987, Robert “Cacho” Fontana he hires him to participate in “Kindness Saturdays”. And that same year he returns with “El show de Carlitos Balá”, which wins a Martín Fierro as best children’s program.

    Carlitos Bala

    In 1988 the program goes to Channel 2, and makes its last film appearance in “Three happy fugitives.” In the 90s, he returns to ATC with “Carlitos Balá and the troupe of Margarito Tereré“. As an actor, he participated in the cycles “are ten” and “Like you and me” on Channel 13.

    In recent years he toured with his circus in the interior of Argentina, he participated with the children’s conductor Laura Franco in the show “Panama and circus“, and accompanied the clown Fixed Gear in his show (between 2009 and 2011). recognized with the Martin Fierro to the trajectoryOutstanding Personality of the Culture of the City, declared in Rome “Ambassador of Peace” by Pope Francis, Carlitos Balá was a legend of television, radio and theater, and thousands of children and adults will remember him fondly.

    Carlitos Bala

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