According to bystanders, the car deliberately drove into the terrace. Because of the time, few people were present. The police looked at camera images and saw a car driving at high speed over the Noordkade, with the vehicle sliding over the terrace at some point and coming to a stop against the catering building. The car drove backwards, also over the terrace, and then drove in the direction of the Raai in Drachten.

    Deliberate action?

    The fire brigade came to check the buildings. The area was cordoned off by the police. At 6.30 am a report was received that a heavily damaged car was parked at the Pieterpolle in Twijsel, about fifteen kilometers away, where three suspects were also arrested. They are suspected of leaving the scene of an accident. Fragments of the car were found between Drachten and Twijsel. The car lost a headlight along the way.

    It is not yet known whether it was a deliberate act or whether the driver was under the influence.