Car drives into Lamar and Yvonne’s house: “A drunk idiot”

A car drove into the house of Lamar Voskuilen and Yvonne de Ridder in Prinsenbeek on Saturday night. Luckily they weren’t home. “We often sit in that front room to have a drink or to play a game. If we were at home, we would have been in flying glass and injured,” says Lamar, who spent a long weekend in Lille, France, with his girlfriend. .

They got a call around 1:00 AM. “That a drunken idiot had driven into our house. The pleasant evening was over immediately. There was immediate stress, disbelief and fright. When you hear something like that you want to go home immediately, but that was not possible because we had drunk alcohol. Unbelievable that that car drove into our house. It is a straight street. Only just before that, at the Market, is a threshold and a very gentle curve. The driver would not have a driver’s license either, we hear.”

The couple has now decided to finish their weekend in France. They rent the house in Prinsenbeek from Yvonne’s brother. “We have spoken to them. According to the fire brigade, there is no danger of collapse and everything is closed with planks. We cannot do anything in the meantime, because of the holidays. The insurance company will see how the damage can be repaired on Tuesday and who will pay for it. Going home now has no added value. Although this has changed our weekend, we talk about it all the time.”

“We hear that the driver was speeding”

People sitting on the terrace of a nearby cafe saw the accident happen. “We heard that the driver drove way too fast. The first time we sit in that front room at home, it will be scary for a while, but there is a one in a million chance that this will happen again,” says Yvonne.

The car the driver was in belongs to an employment agency. “I did speak to someone there via their emergency number, but he spoke bad Dutch, so I don’t have details about the driver and their insurance yet,” says Lamar. Staff of the employment agency inform Omroep Brabant that they also know little about the collision. It is also not yet known who the driver was. “We won’t know more until Tuesday,” said an employee.

The damage in pictures (private photo).
The damage in pictures (private photo).

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