The great victory of the animation film Knor at the Golden Calves gala has led to a lot of extra visitors in the cinemas in the past two days. That reports distributor Gusto Entertainment on Sunday. Animator Jasper Kuipers from Breda worked on the film for three years. “I think the strength is that everyone was really looking forward to it and really enjoyed making the film.”

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    Exact figures are not yet available. “But we are getting reports of full houses from all cinemas,” said a spokesperson. from Gusto. Knor is currently running in 42 cinemas. But Gusto states that next shooting week, which starts on Thursday, a large number of copies will be added. “Many cinemas report because they want to show the film again,” said the spokesperson.

    Jasper Kuipers had not counted on his film to win prizes. That is why he watched the presentation of the Golden Calf Gala at home on the couch. “Very drowsy. I did regret it when I saw my colleagues jumping and cheering on TV. I would have loved to have been there.”

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    Knor won three of the most important statuettes on the closing night of the Dutch Film Festival on Friday evening, including the prize for best Dutch film of the year. It was the first time in history that this award went to an animated film. In addition, Knor won the awards for best directing and best production design.

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    The animation film is based on the book De Wraak van Knor by writer Tosca Menten. The film tells about the girl Babs, who receives the piglet Pigeon as a gift from her grandfather from America for her ninth birthday. Her parents aren’t too happy about that, but Babs is allowed to keep the animal on the condition that Knor follows a puppy course. Then grandpa turns out to have other plans with Knor.

    Knor is not a live-action film, but a stop-motion animation. This means that a director gets his images by shooting clay or plastic dolls shot by shot while the doll has a slightly different pose in each shot. By playing these images one after the other, the puppets appear to be moving. Knor is submitted on behalf of the Netherlands as a candidate for the Oscar for best animated feature film.

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