BVB coach Terzic declares that Reus will not be substituted on

In the round of 16 first leg of the Champions League, Borussia Dortmund beat Chelsea 1-0 thanks to a goal by Karim Adeyemi. The votes for the game:

Edin Terzic (Borussia Dortmund coach)

… to the game: “First of all, it’s good that we were able to win the game. In the end, of course, there was a bit of luck and a good performance from our goalkeeper. Gregor is in excellent form and we know that we can rely on him when the time comes will be tight. They were very dominant in the final phase, so we weren’t able to defend that so cleanly. Nevertheless, we still had the opportunity to make one or two counterattacks. There were a lot of good things today, and that’s probably the best thing Result.”

… on the mentality of the team: “That’s exactly what we’ve shown time and time again over the past few weeks. That we not only have a good squad individually, but that we now also take care of each other as a team. We need exactly this energy and I believe that the people here also have it want to see that.”

… on Marco Reus not being substituted on: “I’m terribly sorry about that, but it’s not just about Marco. We also had other guys who weren’t substituted on. He has to respect it, but not accept it. He can show that tomorrow in training and in the next few games, but at that moment he has to respect it like everyone else and he totally did.”

… to fellow coach Graham Potter (before the game): “I have the utmost respect for his career and I like him as a person and as a coach. I was allowed to accompany him when he was still working in Sweden – the way he went about it there was outstanding.”

… on the importance of the game (before the game): “A round of 16 in the Champions League is always very special for us, especially at home. We want to put ourselves in a good position to go through to the next round next week.”

Karim Adeyemi (goal scorer Borussia Dortmund) …

… to the game: “We started a bit difficult, but then we saw that everyone fights for everyone, there is absolutely something here and then we won the game. We tried to give Chelsea a difficult game from the start.”

… on his winning goal: “I thought to myself that at some point I would have to put the ball past – that was the only thing I thought about in the situation. I was a bit lucky there, but I’m very happy with the goal.”

… on the meaning of victory: “The win is very important for the second leg. It’s amazing to play with the fans behind you today.”

Emre Can (Borussia Dortmund) …

… to the game: “Very difficult game today, in the end it’s a lucky win to be honest. It wasn’t our best game but we fought as a team. In the past there were games where we slacked off and broke up as a team, but today we did proved that we are there for each other and that we have a world-class goalkeeper.”

…on Chelsea’s counterattack strength: “In these situations we weren’t alert enough today. Sometimes we just have to pull the foul earlier. The rest of our defense wasn’t good today – we definitely have to do better in the second leg and we will do it.”

…to the reasons for his high performance: “Hard and honest work always pays off. I have big plans for the new year. I always try to step on the gas, whether I’m playing or not, and not let myself get dragged down. It wasn’t always easy for me in the first half of the year . Maybe it was fair, maybe not – that’s for others to judge.”

Sebastian Kehl (Sports Director Borussia Dortmund) …

… for a convincing start to the year (before the game): “We worked hard for stability through a lot of training sessions and discussions, but in the end it’s also up to the players, of course. During the winter break, they thought a lot about why they came here and what we all stand for in the end. A lot These guys have shown a much better face since January. In addition, we have a broad squad that currently also helps the coach to make difficult decisions, but ultimately increases the quality. We have a really good performance culture, mentality in a positive sense and many important ones Games won in the last few weeks.”

…on Chelsea’s financial capabilities (before the game): “It makes a few things easier, but at the end of the day they also depend on them to work and be successful. We go our way and hope that we can also be successful with it.”

Graham Potter (Chelsea manager)

… to the game: “Our performance was good. It was a good team effort against a team in very good form. It’s very difficult to play away here in the Champions League, but especially in the second performance we played well – except for the goal we conceded. Driving today we came home with less than we deserved. It’s half time in the last 16 and we have to turn it at Stamford Bridge.”

… on the difference between Champions League and Premier League (before the game): “Champions League nights are special – they bring a different challenge than everyday life in the league. You can see it here, it’s a special atmosphere and we have to be grateful for these opportunities.”

DAZN expert Michael Ballack …

… to the game: “Today, above all, it took commitment and struggle to be able to survive against a really good team. They did it and got into every duel – the spectators felt it and went along with it. That reflects the second half of the season a bit. That A bit of luck is also on the Dortmund side at the moment and that’s why the win is not undeserved.”

… to his ex-club Chelsea: “They’re particularly missing someone up front who scores goals. They have a lot of new players, the set-up isn’t 100% right yet. They’re all of high individual quality, but it’s the little things that decide at Champions League level. That’s for Chelsea It’s a shame because they played well, had a better structure and had better chances. But in the end Dortmund won 1-0 and that’s what counts in football.”

… on Borussia Dortmund’s development (before the game): “Edin Terzic stabilized the team in the second half of the season – that was what the team was always accused of. Why can’t they call up their potential, especially against weaker teams? That’s a mentality story. That has now been stabilized and that is important for self-confidence. This is how you move forward step by step.”