The police arrested three men on Monday night who were allegedly involved in a burglary in a supermarket in Klundert. They were arrested in Zevenbergen between ten past four and ten to five. Several police cars and a police helicopter were deployed in the search.

    The suspects were in a car that crashed into a steel fence during a police chase. A fourth man who was also in the car is still missing. Cigarettes, believed to have been stolen from the supermarket, were found in the car.

    The burglary in the supermarket on the Doorsteek in Klundert was reported by a witness around half past three. The police immediately went to the store, after which officers saw a car drive away. A chase ensued that ended at the Twentyghoven in Zevenbergen. The getaway car came to a stop against a fence here. Officers saw four men run away.

    The first suspect was arrested in the Twenty Courts. This was a 25-year-old man from Rotterdam. A fellow townsman of 21 could be arrested on the N285 in Zevenbergen. This was about half past five. A third suspect was nabbed in Prins Hendrikstraat.

    During the investigation, an employee of the supermarket told that cigarettes had been stolen. The burglary has been reported.

    The suspects have been transferred to a police cell complex. They will be heard here on Tuesday.