Bruce Willis is moving away from the field he loves.

    An actor legend Bruce Willis, 67, stops acting. She has been diagnosed with aphasia. Aphasia is also referred to as a brain-disordered speech disorder. Her daughter Rumer Willis told about it on Instagram. The family wanted to talk about Bruce Willis ’health problems.

    – He has been diagnosed with aphasia, which affects his cognitive abilities, the family informs.

    – Because of this and after much deliberation, Bruce is leaving a career that has meant a great deal to him.

    The family says on Instagram that they are living a challenging time but are grateful for the love, compassion and support.

    The Instagram release has been signed by the entire Willis family: his children, his wife Emma Heming and his ex-wife Demi Moore.

    There have been rumors about Willis’ memory problems. Among other things, e-director Dan Przygoda wrote on his Twitter account that Willis suffers from dementia.

    Source: People

    Bruce Willis, who lives a quiet life, was filmed cycling in Los Angeles on March 12: the journey ended with the bike breaking down. Backgrid