Quello of Britney Spears with the children it has now become an openly conflictual relationship. The two boys, Jayden James, 15, and Sean Preston, 17, they were not present at their mother’s wedding to Sam Asghari. And, a few days ago, in an interview, the younger of the two boys had confirmed what his father Kevin Federline had already said: the two refuse to see their mother due to her social exhibitionism. But now the 40-year-old singer replies, and she does it via social media: she apologizes to her children, but insists that she wants to “be heard”.

    Britney Spears to her children: “I’m sorry if I hurt you”

    In a deleted Instagram post shortly after publication, the 40-year-old singer made it clear that she was “angry” about the situation. And she explained that she felt “pathetic” for trying to get involved in the lives of her children: “I wanted to see you at all costs”, she stressed, adding that “all i know is that my love for my children is above all else, and i’m sorry if i ever hurt you in any way“.

    I’ll see you when I feel appreciated

    After the interviews with her ex-husband and children, however, Britney Spears clarifies that at this point she too intends to set some stakes: “I’m afraid to tell you guys, but I’m not willing to see you until I feel appreciated,” she explains in the video. Shortly after, the singer addresses her teenage children in a more direct way: “Jayden and Preston, I love you even though I was told you blocked me“. And she continues her message saying she hopes her kids are training with the punching bag she gave them, praising them as “amazing in the gym” and “good at everything you do.” I am so lucky to be your mother, and I want you to know it. ‘

    The social photos under accusation

    In the interview over the past few weeks, however, Jayden hadn’t been particularly accommodating to mom Britney. Remembering that Brother Preston had “asked my mother not to publish her photos, but she did it anyway. So it didn’t go well ». But if she “feels that social media is helping her, I won’t hate her for it.” At the same time, however, she “should realize what are the things that prevent her from loving her family. It’s almost like he has to post something on Instagram to get some attention. She’s been doing it for years, and so it’s likely she’ll never stop, though I hope for me you understand it’s time to stop. ‘