Boxing, Turks in Brisbane and su Dazn challenges Masson for the Ibo world championship

In Australia and from 10 on TV, the Florentine boxer is looking for a relaunch against an undefeated opponent. Vacant title. “I’m in great shape”

High noon. Fabio Turchi is looking for a great revival in Australia. And he starts again from the most demanding match in the Brisbane ring: challenging Floyd Masson for the vacant Ibo light heavyweight title (the meeting organized by Angelo Di Carlo is live on Dazn at 10 am Italian time). It will be a left-handed match: the 31-year-old Australian is unbeaten in 12 matches and also trained in Las Vegas. The Florentine has a great desire for redemption after the defeat against Richard Riakporhe in London and the story of the positivity from which he was exonerated. In short, he is looking far away for an important signal to make a change in his career. In Australia he also relies on the contribution of the Italian community. Masson plays a lot in his homeland. “Don’t miss the match on TV,” the 29-year-old Italian, who boasts a 21-2 record, said on his Facebook profile. “I’m in great shape.”

Match truth

It is the match of truth, for the champion who played center forward thinking he could become “a Batistuta” but then chose boxing: “At home, more than balls, there were boxing gloves, worn by my father Leonardo, who took me to the gym. I have always breathed the atmosphere of boxing, which was born within me: then my dream as a child was to fight in England and I succeeded, as well as training in the USA”. In recent years he had moved to Evander Holyfield’s team, then returned to Italy with the Cherchi team and disputed the WBC international title and lost in the 12th round in Trento. In short, Turchi has never been afraid to change, to seek a global dimension. This match, beyond the theme song, will serve to understand how much Turchi will be able to take back the scene, to get excited again in a tough spot like boxing. He won’t feel the pressure to fight at home, and that can be to his advantage.