The Speaker of Parliament, Laura Borrashas affirmed, in relation to the reduction of sentences to independence leaders for the suppression of the crime of sedition, that “everything that is aimed at reducing or combating or eliminating an injustice committed to our legitimate representatives will be a decision that I will celebrate because they are situations absolutely unfair.”

    In an interview on La 2 and Ràdio 4, Borras has maintained the rejection of the suppression of the crime of sedition in the Penal Code because “we will not accept that what we did on 1-O can be considered a crime” and because the reform “was made with a will to extradite ‘president’ Puigdemont”. Having said this, he has admitted, in relation to the decision of the majority of the prisoners to request a reduction in sentence when the penal reform comes into force, that “it will be those who have been imprisoned and sentenced who, with their lawyers, will make it known if will ask or not” this sentence reduction.

    “Maximum confidence” in Dalmases

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    On the other hand, Borràs has shown his “maximum confidence” both on a personal and political level in the deputy and former vice president of Junts, Francesc de Dalmases, who left his position in the party and his positions in the Parliament -he maintains the seat- for having intimidated a TV-3 journalist, and on whom accusations of humiliating treatment weigh. Borràs has made a closed defense of Dalmases: “We have not been aware of what the minister is talking about” about feminisms, that she admitted to having received complaints from women regarding Dalmases. The president of Junts has stated that the ‘Dalmases case’ is “a very painful situation” and she has refused to continue addressing the issue: “as president of Junts I will not reopen this issue.”

    Borràs, on the other hand, has avoided assessing the possibility of re-presenting himself as a Junts candidate in the Catalan elections and has stated that if Jordi Turull, president of the formation, benefits from the penal reform and wants to be a candidate, they will be the bases of the party those who decide about it.