All the words of the white-blue coach Maurizio Sarri who spoke to the Sky Sport microphones at the end of the match against Motta’s Bologna

    There Lazio fails to win the fourth consecutive league match and brakes 0-0 at the home of Bologna. A match in which tiredness took its toll, also tainted by the aminition for Vecino who will miss the derby in the Capital of the next round of the championship. At the end of the race Maurice Sarri spoke to the microphones of Sky to analyze the race. These are the words of the Biancoceleste coach:

    “We played a serious game, with attention and application. We lacked a bit in the penalty area but playing here now isn’t easy. The opponent is in a more than positive moment, the performance was top-level. It seems to me that last year at this point in the season Still he was 19-20 goals, if he had played we would be on average for goals scored. Also because we are creating a lot and finalizing little. Then on some occasions we didn’t go shooting and it’s blasphemous, honestly.

    Zenga? I think on my part it’s a natural sympathy, she’s a character that makes me feel good, if I talk to her she puts me at ease. I hope that something is always missing, because the fuel for those who do our job is having ferocious motivations. If the goal is unattainable it’s better because it leaves fuel inside.

    Would I have preferred to start coaching younger? Nagelsmann was kissed by God, with one of the strongest teams in Europe. I come from the dust, the journey has been long, difficult, but I enjoyed it. You have everything left, as a coach you are the sum of the experiences you have had. Amateur football is not so different from this, the players’ engine, the technique is different, but the tactical aspect is the same. All the experiences you have had stay with you and are useful to you.

    I cut my hair because my wife broke me. We won a lot of games and so I rebounded, the other night I went home having lost. So I had no excuse not to do it (laughs). I’m a show at home: I never disturb. I’m not around much and I’m closed in my office. I am sorry that Mourinho is not on the bench in the derby, because I always see him willingly and because he is part of the show.”