Böhmermann and a special honor for Maren Kroymann





The official presentation of this year’s Grimme Prizes will take place on April 21st in the theater in Marl – and during a press conference in the Filmhaus in Cologne today (March 21st) it will be clear what the total of 19 awards will be presented for this year. They are divided into the categories “Fiction”, “Information & Culture”, “Entertainment”, “Children and Youth”, and there are a number of special prizes.

With a total of six awards, ZDF secured the most awards. Caroline Link received the “Grimme Special Prize”: She wrote the series “Safe” and is being honored “for the outstanding achievement in working out the mental life of children in ‘Safe’ as an action- and tension-bearing cognitive element in the book and in directing to stage the children together”.

The Vox production “The Black Forest Deer – An Extraordinary Kitchen Crew and Tim Mälzer” won twice. As an audience award and in the “Entertainment” category. In it, Jan Böhmermann’s “ZDF Magazin Royale” received its first award after two nominations in previous years. A special prize went to the ensemble cast of the Netflix production “Queer Eye Germany”. The streaming provider also scored points in the “Fiction” category with the film “Kleo” about an East German contract murderer.

The offerings honored in the “Information & Culture” area range from the editors of the rbb format “Contrasts” (“for the continuous investigative research on peripheral issues of right-wing radicalism”) to “The Story in the First: Life in Butcha – Trauma and Hope” to “Nuclear Power Forever” by SWR.

The student jury honored the ZDF horror film “Sleep”. The singer, actress and satirist Maren Kroymann received a special mention from the Adult Education Association, which is one of the sponsors of the awards. “[Sie] has shaped German television in an exemplary way and impressively changed the view of women and gender stereotypes.”

The current episode of the Grimme Institute podcast provides insights into the background to the decision.

All awards

competition fiction

  • “The Wannsee Conference”
  • “In the Fire – Two Sisters”
  • “New Territory”
  • “Cleo”
  • Grimme Prize Special – Caroline Link for “Safe”

Information & Culture competition

  • “Nuclear Power Forever”
  • “The Story in the First: Life after Butscha – Trauma and Hope”
  • “The Other Side of the River”
  • “Injustice and Resistance – Romani Rose and the Civil Rights Movement”
  • Grimme Prize for Special Journalistic Achievement – ​​The Editors of “Contrasts”

competition entertainment

  • “ZDF Magazin Royale”
  • “Zum Schwarzwälder Hirsch – an extraordinary kitchen crew and Tim Mälzer”
  • Grimme Prize Special – ensemble performance at “Queer Eye Germany”

Competition Children & Youth

  • “Sandman Frame: Recycling Vehicle”
  • TikTok channel “sympathetic”
  • Grimme Prize Special for the very differentiated approach to Afghanistan – “STRG_F with the Taliban: Why do people like them?”

Audience Award of the Marler Group

  • “Zum Schwarzwälder Hirsch – an extraordinary kitchen crew and Tim Mälzer”

Student Jury Prize

Special honor from the German Adult Education Association