Bleached Bleekerseiland can turn into a park: all parties agree

The municipal council of Meppel agrees to a new destination for the Bleekerseiland. The area in the center of Meppel will become a city park with a city lodging house of thirteen rooms.

“The rotten tooth must provide a smile again,” says Pierre van Leeuwen on behalf of Sterk Meppel, the largest party in Meppel. Because a rotten tooth, that’s what it is at the moment.

It’s grey. Even when the sun shines. There are some trees on the edge of the peninsula, but that’s about the only color that can be seen.

“It looks a bit shabby and neglected,” says Van Leeuwen. “It’s a thorn in the eye,” adds Liselot Raat on behalf of the VVD. “Faded areas are slowly being filled in Meppel. This area is certainly part of that”, is the opinion of Arnoud de Vos, D66.

And that will all change in the plans of the municipality. In 2025, this may well be the new heart of Meppel. A place to chill, the description reads. To eat a pancake on the terrace, because the intention is to have the pancake ship dock at Bleekerseiland. You can also go for a walk through the green at Bleekerseiland.