Blankenberge wants its own wind farm

    The energy crisis is also making cities and municipalities look for solutions to save energy and alternative ways of supplying energy. Blankenberge is also making this exercise, but is also thinking of its own wind farm.

    Own wind farm

    “The strong evolutions in the field of wind energy mean that we should actually be able to provide for the total annual energy consumption of all our inhabitants with four wind turbines,” says Energy Alderman Mitch De Geest. “One modern wind turbine quickly produces more energy than 30,000 solar panels combined. Knowing that the cost of building and maintaining wind turbines has also fallen drastically in recent years, I think it is an excellent opportunity to take action.”

    Consultation with residents

    A preliminary study will now be carried out to map out all options, starting with the location where the city wants to plant its own wind farm. After that, Blankenberge wants to come up with a concrete plan that she will also present to the residents.

    Blankenberge hopes to be able to build its own wind farm between 2025 and 2028.