Black, gothic and dark lipstick, winter 2023 trend

THEBlack is gothic and dark, tremendously elegant and chic. So it is also in the form of lipstick, for gothic lips, never so trendy. Wear some black on the lips says a lot about the wearer: first of all that you don’t want to go unnoticed, secondly that you don’t choose this color to please others as much as yourselfa real one guilty pleasure personal. Because you either love black lipstick or hate it.

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Black lipstick, gothic-chic par excellence

Protagonist on the spring-summer 2024 catwalks, black lipstick isn’t exactly new. Without inconveniencing the “usual” ancient Egyptians, who already used a dark lip tint, this shade was also much loved during the twenties. At the time, in fact, it was a beauty trick used by actresses to gain expressive intensity in black and white films.

Successful in London in the sixties and seventies, between David Bowie and Kiss, black lipstick returns cyclically today even on the catwalks. From Vivienne Westwood, for example, who also made men wear it, or from Yohji Yamamoto, for whom black lipstick has always represented, non-symbolically, a certain detachment from the world, a way of saying “don’t bother me”.

From left: Tina Kukaney, Rihanna, Vittoria Ceretti for Chanel makeup and Hailey Bieber

The absence of color it has always also represented an “other world”, the gothic one, of creatures of the night such as witches, witches and vampires. A world that also inspired Peter Philips, bringing to life Dior SS 2024 catwalk of black lips in a “witchy” make-up, as he himself defined it.

There is black and black

It’s easy to say black lipstick, but they are not all the same. Beyond the gradation of tone, the The first big difference is between texture, matte or glossy. The matte finish is usually more intense, material and deep, the glossy or shine finish is more effective, imitating the vinyl finish, i.e. lacquered.

If pure black lipstick seems excessive, there are many dark alternatives, equally refined. Surely burgundyin the dark variant, the plum for lovers of purple shades, cherry red and burgundyfor those who don’t want to give up a hint of red.

Black lips, how to apply black lipstick

How do you wear black lipstick in everyday life? First of all, with the awareness of its theatrical and dramatic impact. And in a context of very simple make-up, if not nude, so as to leave it as an elegant protagonist.

First of all, it is essential to have well-smoothed lips. So, before applying lipstick, you need to do a lip scrub to remove all the hangnails. Then a primer is applied and the pencil is used both to outline the contours and to create a base that intensifies the result of the lipstick. At the end you can also apply a thin layer of transparent gloss, for a vinyl top coat effect. And not to go unnoticed.