On Sunday night, a very strange spectacle was seen in a subway station in Times Square in New York City. Two teenagers were attacked and robbed by a group of nine women wearing identical fluorescent green outfits. Four suspects have been identified and have all been arrested by the police at least once in the past.

    Yorick Dupon

    08-10-22, 09:58

    New York Post, Fox5 New York, ABC7 New York, NYPD

    Images circulating on social media show the group physically attacking two people in a subway car. According to James Essig of the New York Police Department, the collision started at the platform, after which the fight continued inside the subway itself.

    According to the police, a handbag and telephone belonging to the 19-year-old victims were stolen by the group. That writes the newspaper ‘New York Post’. The mother of one of the teens says her daughter said she was “attacked by aliens, but I didn’t understand what she was talking about”.

    Of the four suspects the New York police are looking for, a 26-year-old woman has already been arrested nine times. At least five other aliens have yet to be identified.