Biraghi hit, Puyol a gentleman and Politano “if he buys it”. And the regulation?


Unfortunately there are many cases where players are hit by objects from the stands. In 2015, the match between Legia Warsaw and Kukesi finished 3-0 at the table for the sopisti. The reason? One of their players, the Slovakian footballer Ondrej Duda was hit by a stone, and then forced to leave the pitch on a stretcher. The referee suspended the match for 15 minutes and then permanently. Subsequently, UEFA opted for a 3-0 draw, a fine of 70,000 to Legia and a two-match ban on the pitch. Another precedent and another 3 to 0 table concerns the Milan derby of the 2004-05 season. Inter and Milan challenge each other in the Champions League, with the Nerazzurri having to overturn a defeat. Milan doesn’t suffer and the Nerazzurri fans understand that. Here come smoke bombs, firecrackers, everything from the stands. Having hit Dida, the referee suspends the match and then hands over the 3-0 to AC Milan. Always Inter, many years later, will be the protagonist of an amusing episode. Like Nico Gonzalez, Politano was hit by glasses of beer in the match against PSV. This time, however, a full one arrives that the winger manages to block on the fly to the applause of those present. Something also happened in Spain. “El classic”. Barcelona defend their lead at the Bernabeu. From the stands a lighter hits Pique on the side. The defender is about to collapse when Puyol calls him back and urges him to stay focused to defend the victory. Another nuance of something that in football must be condemned a priori.